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4-H Teen Leadership Training Grant


To support preparation and training of teen leaders in one or more of the teen leadership competency areas, including: planning, promoting, teaching, mentoring, advocating and advising. Please refer to the role descriptions (posted on the portal under Teen Leadership) for information on expectations, requirements, signs of success and suggested training topics.

Advocating – 4-H Teen Advocates have a voice in making positive change in their community. Teens will work with local leaders and government officials to improve their community, while gaining skills in analysis, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

Teaching – 4-H Teen Teachers will develop their own leadership and teaching skills as they plan and implement hands-on learning experiences for younger youth.

Promoting – 4-H Teen Leaders in the area of promoting will assist in the promotion of the 4-H program through presentations at the club, county and state levels. Youth in this position must have a minimum of one year experience as a 4-H member; Age requirement may apply depending on area of involvement. (For Science Ambassadors the required ages are 12-18, and for Speaking for Illinois 4-H, the required ages are 14-18).

Planning – 4-H Teen Planners will work with Extension unit staff to carry out exhibit opportunities, camps, contexts, service opportunities, and events. Teens will have a voice in their county or unit 4-H program.

Mentoring – 4-H Teen Mentors will teach life skills and provide opportunities for others to learn new things. Teens will serve as positive role models and increase their own level of leadership and responsibility as they help others.

Advising – 4-H Teen Advisors will work with other youth and adults as partners, serving as a youth voice to make recommendations for informed decisions. Teens may serve on a committee or council who helps guide the local or state 4-H program or serve as a 4-H representative on a fair board or community advisory council.

Allowable Expenses

Extension staff may apply for up to $1000 for a group of at least 3 teens involved in a teen leadership training experience. The allowable expenses and individual limits are as follows:

  • Facility cost -- max $200
  • Food for training -- max. $10/teen/day
  • Leadership training experience or speaker -- max. $200
  • Travel to a leadership training experience -- max. $150
  • Leadership training curriculum or supplies -- max. $100
  • Participant training materials/binder -- max. $10/teen 

This grant is for leadership training and not for implementation of specific leadership projects.

Funding Cycle

Applications for the 4-H Teen Leadership Training Grant, supported by the Illinois 4-H Foundation, will be accepted any time throughout the 4-H program year, pending fund availability.

Funding Acceptance

A Funding Acceptance Form must be completed and submitted to Sheila Powers in the State 4-H Office before grant monies can be released.

Required Evaluation

All counties receiving a 4-H Teen Leadership Training Grant must agree to complete an evaluative summary report and submit to the IL State 4-H Office within 30 days of the final teen leadership program completion. Information required on the summary report will be provided upon issuance of the grant. In addition, awardee will provide completed Teen Leadership Training Evaluations within 30 days after the training is complete. Evaluations will be specific according to teen leadership competency area and will be provided by the State 4-H Office.

Apply Online

If you have questions, please contact:

Deb Stocker, Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development
801 N. Country Fair Drive, Suite E
Champaign, IL 61821