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4-H Teen Teacher Recognition Grant


  • To recognize the contributions and achievements of 4-H members who have been actively involved in teaching a minimum of a six-session educational program for younger youth
  • To support engagement of older youth in age-appropriate development and mastery activities
  • To support engagement of older youth who would otherwise not be involved in a leadership activity in their 4-H club, community or school

A 4-H Teen Teacher is someone who is...

  • Intentionally trained and prepared for role
  • Supported by caring adult mentor(s)
  • Empowered to apply what they learn
  • Deepening their own content knowledge by teaching others
  • Collaborating with other Teen Teachers and/or Adult Mentors
  • Serving as a positive role model for younger youth as well as their peer group
  • Involved in selecting activities and planning lessons for others
  • Teaching lessons as lead teacher in sustained experience of six or more sessions for younger youth
  • Able to utilize a variety of teaching methods
  • Learning when and how to adapt to different learner needs
  • Developing group management and supervision skills
  • Learning how to manage time and resources
  • Developing skills in active listening, decision-making, effective communication, and self-esteem building
  • Reflecting and debriefing regularly with adult mentor and/or 4-H Staff

Allowable Expenses

A maximum of $60 per 4-H Teen Teacher may be requested in this grant application. These funds may be used to support recognition in diverse ways, including but not limited to: t-shirts, pizza party, field-trip, and gift cards as awards.

Required Evaluation

All counties receiving a 4-H Teen Teacher Recognition grant must agree to complete the IL 4-H Teen Teacher Survey with their 4-H Teen Teachers and submit completed surveys and/or results to the IL State 4-H Office within 30 days of the program completion. Use of an additional instrument to evaluate the impact of your teen-led program for youth participants is encouraged.

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