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4-H Teen Teacher Recognition Grant Application

Note: will be checked in DMS to confirm enrollment.
Maximum $60/teen
(5 pts)
(5 pts)
(10 pts)
Note: Training/Preparation may happen in the context of a “4-H Teen Teacher” SPIN Club. (15 pts)
(15 pts)
Note: Teen-led programs should be a progression of learning over a period of a minimum 6 session or equivalent time vs. teaching the same thing 6 times to different audiences). (15 pts)
Note: Each 4-H Teen Teacher is expected to reach a minimum of 10 youth in their program.) (10 pts)
Note: In addition to evaluation of program impact for participants, all 4-H Teen Teachers are expected to complete a Teen Teacher survey that will be returned to the State 4-H Office). (10 pts)
Note: Funds are not allowed for program expenses and should only be used on recognition items and/or experiences for 4-H Teen Teachers. Applications will not be accepted in cases where grant funds are already available to support recognition of 4-H Teen Teachers. (10 pts)
(5 pts)