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Annual Report on Giving

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Our Giving


The results are clear

Young people involved in 4-H are inspired to lead. They are inspired by learning new skills as they master projects. They are inspired by the example set by older 4-H members in their clubs. And they are inspired by the caring adults who share their knowledge. What happens next is amazing: their inspiration leads them to service. They are serving their clubs, serving their schools, serving their friends, serving their families, and serving their communities. 

Total gifts to the foundation (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020): $829,053

  • 4-H Annual Fund (15%): $126,544
  • 4-H Program-specific (57%): $475,854
  • County-Specific Support (19%): $154,798
  • Endowments (9%): $71,857

About our donors

  • 1,422 donors gave 1,869 gifts
  • 234 first-time donors
  • 57 endowments valued at $6.5 million with annual interest of $233,000

Our Current Endowments

  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Alexander Memorial Fund
  • Nannette C. Armstrong 4-H Fund
  • Margarette E. Athey Adult Volunteer Leader Development Fund
  • Ruth and Donald Berger Family Memorial 4-H Endowment Fund
  • 4-H Board of Directors Endowment Fund
  • Charles and Frances Brummer 4-H Endowment Fund
  • Livingston 4-H Cairns Memorial Fund
  • Camp White Eagle Scholarship Fund
  • Jerry G. Cash Memorial Dairy Judging Awards Fund
  • Citizenship Memorial Award Fund
  • Dairy Judging Contests Endowment Fund
  • George A. Doole Memorial Aerospace Award Fund
  • Lila Jeanne Eichelberger 4-H Support Fund
  • 4-H Endowment Fund 
  • 4-H Equine Excellence Endowed Fund
  • Farm Credit Services Endowment Fund
  • Mel Fink Livestock Judging Travel Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Leo Fryman Leadership Dairy Award Fund
  • Herman W. Hanouw Endowment Fund
  • Patti Jeanne Higgins National 4-H Scholarship Fund
  • Illinois 4-H Alumni Legacy Fund 
  • Illinois 4-H Youth Development Center Endowment Fund
  • Illinois IFYE Association Fund
  • Edith Adele Karnes Fund
  • Lucille and Lester Korsmeyer 4-H Scholarship
  • 4-H Legacy of Leadership Scholarship Fund
  • Nyle and Monica Masten Endowment Fund
  • J. Miles and Maribel McGrew 4-H Memorial Fund
  • Lisa M. Mauney Memorial National Congress Achievement Award
  • Nellie R. McCannon 4-H Special Interest Club Fund
  • H. Richard and Sarah McFarland 4-H Programming Endowment Fund
  • H. Richard McFarland Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • H. Richard and Sarah F. McFarland Endowed 4-H Youth Leadership and Character Development Support
  • Suzanne McMurry Memorial 4-H Endowed Fund
  • Eugene G. Mosbacher 4-H Program Support Fund
  • Deborah Edwards Orr Memorial Dog Obedience Award Fund
  • David Pyle Recognition of Excellence Fund
  • David D. Pyle Fund for 4-H Volunteer Development Fund
  • Reiss Family 4-H Endowment Fund
  • Harold Salzman Memorial Fund 
  • Emerson Scholl Memorial Fund--National Conference 
  • Janice A. Seitz 4-H Character Education Awards Endowed Fund
  • Earl J. Sobinsky Memorial Livestock Fund
  • Milford and Florence Skog 4-H Endowed Fund 
  • Southern Illinois 4-H Camping Association Fund
  • John Clyde Spitler and Walter M. Johnson County 4-H Scholarship Fund
  • David Stille 4-H Memorial Youth Leadership Endowment Fund
  • Superior Young Producers Scholarship Fund
  • Gordon and Evelyn Brandt Thomas Quasi-Endowment Scholarship Fund
  • Kenneth Waddell Memorial Performing Arts Fund
  • Clareta Walker Endowed Fund
  • Nedra Wesson Fund
  • Cecilia E. Wiedle Fund
  • Lisa Woessner Memorial 4-H Science & Technology Award Fund
  • Ray Woodis Memorial IFYE Fund

BECAUSE OF YOU: Barriers to membership and program opportunities are removed so any Illinois youth who wants to participate in 4-H can.