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Making an Endowment: Everlasting Support for 4-H

An endowment can be created to continuously benefit a 4-H initiative or county 4-H program with a minimum gift of $15,000.

If you would like to designate your endowment for a specific 4-H program or purpose, please contact the Illinois 4-H Foundation staff to develop a fund agreement that will detail your wishes to be carried out so that your gift supports the specific 4-H program(s) you choose. Establishing a named endowment insures a way to provide support to 4-H that truly lasts forever.

Our Current Endowments

  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Alexander Memorial Fund
  • Margarette E. Athey Adult Volunteer Leader Development Fund
  • Ruth and Donald Berger Family Memorial 4-H Endowment Fund
  • Charles and Frances Brummer 4-H Endowment Fund
  • Camp White Eagle Scholarship Fund
  • Jerry G. Cash Memorial Dairy Judging Awards Fund
  • Citizenship Memorial Award Fund
  • Dairy Judging Contests Endowment Fund
  • George A. Doole Memorial Aerospace Award Fund
  • 4-H Endowment Fund 
  • 4-H Equine Excellence Endowed Fund
  • Farm Credit Services of Illinois Endowed Fund for the Annual Support and Sponsorship of the Illinois 4-H Project Partners Fund
  • Mel Fink Livestock Judging Travel Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Leo Fryman Leadership Dairy Award Fund
  • Herman W. Hanouw Endowment Fund
  • Patti Jeanne Higgins National 4-H Scholarship Fund
  • Illinois 4-H Alumni Legacy Fund 
  • Illinois 4-H Youth Development Center Endowment Fund
  • Illinois IFYE Association Fund
  • Lucille and Lester Korsmeyer 4-H Scholarship
  • 4-H Legacy of Leadership Scholarship Fund
  • Nyle and Monica Masten Endowment Fund
  • Lisa M. Mauney Memorial National Congress Achievement Award
  • Nellie R. McCannon 4-H Special Interest Club Fund
  • H. Richard McFarland Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • H. Richard and Sarah F. McFarland Endowed 4-H Youth Leadership and Character Development Support
  • Suzanne McMurry Memorial 4-H Endowed Fund
  • Eugene G. Mosbacher 4-H Program Support Fund
  • Deborah Edwards Orr Memorial Dog Obedience Award Fund
  • David D. Pyle Fund for 4-H Volunteer Development Fund
  • Harold Salzman Memorial Fund 
  • Emerson Scholl Memorial Fund--National Conference 
  • Janice A. Seitz 4-H Character Education Awards Endowed Fund
  • Earl J. Sobinsky Memorial Livestock Fund
  • Milford and Florence Skog 4-H Endowed Fund 
  • John Clyde Spitler and Walter M. Johnson County 4-H Scholarship Fund
  • Superior Young Producers Scholarship Fund
  • Gordon and Evelyn Brandt Thomas Quasi-Endowment Scholarship Fund
  • Kenneth Waddell Memorial Performing Arts Fund
  • Clareta Walker Endowed Fund
  • Nedra Wesson Fund
  • Lisa Woessner Memorial 4-H Science & Technology Award Fund
  • Ray Woodis Memorial IFYE Fund