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Giving Priorities

$20 Every $20 gift enables a 4-H youth to enroll in their Illinois 4-H club program for one year. Over 25,000 youth belong to 4-H clubs, and an additional 175,000 youth belong to 4-H groups. 4-H clubs and groups engage youth in a sustained learning experience that provides the opportunity for youth to feel a sense of belonging, develop independence, practice generosity, and experience mastery.
$150 Every $150 gift helps send an Illinois youth to 4-H camp. Over 2,500 youth attend overnight camp each year. At camp, youth meet new friends, gain higher levels of self esteem from acomplishments, and learn an appreciation for nature.
$250 Every $250 gift provides a 4-H Special Interest (SPIN) Club with an equipment grant. Imagine 4-Hers competing in a robotics competition thanks to a TETRIX kit purchased for their club. Future designers creating runway fashions using a sewing machine owned by their 4-H club. Avid outdoors enthusiasts, taking aim with air rifles available at their 4-H Shooting Sports Club meeting. Give a 4-H club the equipment they need to learn together.
$500 Every $500 gift ensures that a talented 4-Her who is already the best-of-the-best in Illinois 4-H, can advance their talents in leadership, livestock judging, skillathons, or robotics to the next level. A national 4-H experience is life-changing for youth.
$1000 Every $1,000 gift provides 4-H staff in a University of Illinois Extension Unit with additional funds for innovative programming. Have you read about youth in your community starting a leadership program, attending a tech fest, learning about science careers at your local hospital, attending a real world simulation? 4-H is a leader in non-formal education. Influencing the lives of youth can change your community.
$2000 Every $2,000 gift makes YOU a Project Partner, with opportunities to put your name or company logo next to the 4-leaf clover. Each year, every 4-H member receives a project folder with your name or logo. Special state-wide events are sponsored by Project Partners. 4-H members reaching the height of their project experience, receives stipends for being project ambassadors and sharing their expertise with younger members and their community.

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