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Special Interest (SPIN) Club Equipment Grant

*NOTE: SPIN Club Equipment Grants will not be accepted after August 31, 2017.*


The Illinois 4-H Foundation's 4-H Special Interest Club Equipment Grants funding program seeks to encourage innovative local Special Interest Clubs designed to promote the 4-H mission and support positive youth development experiences for youth. The 4-H Foundation expects to award $20,000 in equipment grants per year. A key objective of this initiative is to reach new 4-H audiences and to support existing Special Interest clubs interest in expanding their club.

Who Can Apply

Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Special Interest Club Equipment Grants are available to current or potential Special Interest Clubs that are in need of equipment to begin or expand their club. The Special Interest Club can be formed around any variety of topics. Youth and club leaders are encouraged to work with county 4-H staff to apply.

Grant Requirements

  • All SPIN Club members must be enrolled as 4-H members
  • SPIN Club must have a minimum of five members
  • SPIN Club must meet a minimum of six times
  • SPIN Club must participate in a culminating project or event appropriate to the club topic.
  • Submission of the project or a report of the event is to be submitted to the State 4-H Office within 30 days of the culminating activity.

Club Award

Funds received range from $250-$1000 (maximum $1000) and must be spent locally on non consumable equipment for the club to share. All equipment purchased is the property of Illinois 4-H and is to be recorded at the local Extension Office as inventory. The following are possible topics with suggested equipment. These topics serve as examples and will not necessarily receive priority in funding.

  • Video Club: iFlip videos, miniDVD camcorder with tripod, directional handheld microphone, wireless lavalier microphone, laptop installed with video and sound editing software.
  • Robotics: Commercial robotics kits, NXT, TETRIX, CEENBoT, and Vex platforms.
  • Shooting Sports: Clay target throwers, air rifles, bows, safety nets and target mats for archery, safety glasses and ear protection etc.  Illinois Shooting Sports program does not allow the purchase of shotguns and/or .22 caliber rifles.

A county may submit 4-H SPIN club grant application(s) for up to $1000 per 4-H project area per year. If a county wishes to submit more than one grant application in a partiular project area, the total amount for the county's grant request will need to total no more than $1000 for the year. As an example, if a county submits a grant for their shotgun and archery shooting disciplines they could do so by requesting $500 for each shooting discipline.

Proposal Format

Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Special Interest Club Equipment Grant proposals must be submitted online. Each topic must be addressed in order for the proposal to be considered for funding; proposals with parts missing will not be considered for funding. The topics are:

  1. Target Youth Audience
  2. Club Activities
  3. Club Timeline
  4. BIG-M:  Supports for Positive Youth Development (PYD)
  5. Club Youth Leadership Structure
  6. Plans to Assure 4-H Membership Awareness
  7. Illinois 4-H Foundation Acknowledgement
  8. Equipment Log and Request Form

Apply Online

Due Date

Applications will be accepted any time throughout the year and will be awarded pending available funds. There is no specific due date.

Previous Funding

Units, multi-units and regional 4-H programs that have received Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Special Interest Club Grants funding in previous years may submit a new proposal or a description of expansion of a previously-funded proposal. In order to be considered for repeat funding, a satisfactory assessment and evaluation report must be received within one month of previous club completion or attached with this application, whichever comes first. Clubs will not be funded for more than three consecutive years and repeat funding is not guaranteed.


For reporting purposes, an Evaluation Summary for Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Special Interest Club Grants will be provided when a program is funded. The Evaluation Summary must be completed and returned to the State 4-H Office within 30 days after the club is completed.

Funding Announcement

A Funding Acceptance Form must be completed and submitted to the State 4-H office before grant monies can be released.

For More Information

Contact the State 4-H Office at 217-333-0910.