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4-H Program Grant

The Illinois 4-H Foundation's 4-H Program Grant funding program seeks to encourage innovative local projects to promote the 4-H mission and support positive youth development experiences for youth.

4-H Program Grants, up to $1200, are available for each Extension Unit to enhance local programming.  Funds are allocated to support 1) innovative local projects targeted to address one of the Youth Education Initiatives; or 2) innovative positive youth development projects focused on 4-H Club Expansion.

NEW in 2015:  Units with a Metro Educator are allowed to apply for a second 4-H Program Grant for their Unit each year, pending funding availability.  This additional funding would focus on enhanced metro programming by supporting (1) innovative local projects targeted to address one of the Youth Education Initiatives; or 2) innovative positive youth development projects focused on Metro 4-H Club/Program Expansion.

More than $32,000 has been allocated to support local youth development outreach.

Application Format

Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Program Grant proposals must be submitted online.  Each topic must be addressed for the proposal to be considered for funding; proposals with parts missing will not be considered for funding.  The proposal topics are:

  1. Grant Purpose -- Issue to be Addressed or Problem to be Solved OR PYD Club/Group Expansion Plan (10 points)
  2. Program Goals and Objectives (15 points)
  3. Plan of Work -- Program Methods and Activities (15 points)
  4. Projected Timeline (10 points)
  5. Program Assessment and Evaluation (15 points)
  6. Program Description (10 points)
  7. Acknowledgement Strategies Identifying Illinois 4-H Foundation Support (5 points)
  8. Proposed Budget (include 4-H Program Grant funds along with estimated funds that will be generated locally; income and expenses must be equal) (15 points)
  9. Source of Funding for Program Sustainability (5 points)

4-H Staff: Apply online

NOTE: Please sign in when prompted with your NetID and AD password.

Funding Allocation

Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Program Grants are available for each Extension Unit.  Units can apply for $1,200 in funding annually.  This can be for one project during the 4-H program year; or it can be for several projects that add up to, but do not exceed the $1,200 allocation.

Fund Usage

The Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Program Grants may be used for travel, program supplies, and production of instructional and promotional materials.  Funds cannot be used for salaries for current staff members; or the purchase of standard office equipment such as copy machines; large printers; or comparable items.  Funds may be used in support of extra-help staff to implement short term targeted projects and/or outreach.

Requirements for Funding

The amount of funding to be awarded annually is not to exceed $1,200 per unit.  Monies are available to provide funding for each Extension Unit, however weak or incomplete applications will not be supported.  Grant applications should provide 1) evidence that a commitment for locally generated funds or in-kind donations/resources to support the project is secured from another source (a scanned letter of support should be attached and included at the bottom of the online application); 2) program goals that are aligned with one of the five youth education initiatives – Employable Youth; Healthy Relationships; Physically Fit; Science Excited; or Thinking Green; OR PYD 4-H club expansion.  Preference will also be given to proposals that demonstrate potential of significant and measureable impact on local communities; implement a program plan with youth/adult partnerships; generate new audiences and/or program outreach; and that follow the basic tenets of positive youth development.  Curriculum development projects are not a funding priority.  Units that have received Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Program Grant funding in previous years may submit a new proposal or an application that outlines a plan of expansion of a previously-funded proposal.  In order to be considered for repeat funding, a satisfactory assessment and evaluation report must be received within one month of the previous 4-H Program Grant completion.

Evaluation and Reporting

For reporting purposes, a 4-H Program Grant Project Report and Evaluation Summary will be provided when a program is funded.  The completed Report and Evaluation Summary should be submitted to Sheila Powers in the State 4-H Office within 30 days of the program end or completion; OR by September 30th of 4-H program year, whichever comes first.

Funding Cycle

Illinois 4-H Foundation 4-H Program Grant application will be accepted any time throughout the 4-H program year.  Each Unit can apply for $1,200 in funding annually.

Funding Acceptance

A Funding Acceptance Form must be completed and submitted to Sheila Powers in the State 4-H Office before grant monies can be released.

If you have questions, please contact:

Pat McGlaughlin
Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development
801 N. Country Fair Drive, Suite E
Champaign, IL 61821