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Lisa Woessner Memorial 4-H Science and Technology Award

Sponsored through the Illinois 4-H Foundation by a grant from

Lisa Woessner Memorial 4-H Science and Technology Award Fund

Funds will be provided to support innovative 4-H youth development programs related to science and/or technology with priority given to programs with the potential to impact many youth or introduce new youth to 4-H.  Possible programming ideas include but are not limited to the following:

Science Day Camps:  previous National Youth Science Day experiments led by teens can provide youth hands-on science opportunities. Each day could focus on a different aspect of science ranging from polymers, bio-fuels, water quality, turning wind energy into electricity and building and employing simple robots to solve problems. Additional simple experiments could reveal how science is used in cooking (leavening agents in making bread) and how cleaning products work using surfactants (Magic Milk).

I Think Green:  through existing I Think Green program materials youth can engage in environmental education activities (insects, worms and butterflies) and explore how small changes in their behavior impact our world. 

Robotics Day Camps:  utilizing the Junk Drawer Level 1: Give Robots a Hand curriculum, youth can learn the basic concepts of engineering design while engaging in activities such as constructing marshmallow catapults. Youth who are enrolled in Robotics Platforms projects could apply the concepts learned in the camp on a Mindstorms robot. Teens from high-school robotics clubs can be recruited to lead the camps. Kits are available for checkout from the State 4-H Office as needed for short-term programs.

Awards depend on funds available each year, and the number and quality of applications. Typical awards will be in $100-300 range.

Awards presented shall be known as the “Lisa Woessner Memorial 4-H Science & Technology Award” and shall be appropriately recognized and publicized.

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